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Closer and closer to the end of the countdown… I’m now down to two.  I’ll admit I’ve struggled with this post because I couldn’t think of just two things I could write about.  Finally I realised I should tell you two things I’ve done over the past week.

1.  I went to the Good Food and Wine Show.  No surprises there, right?  It was part of the countdown, after all.  My friend and I had an absolute blast.  We’ve been going for the past five years and have it down to a fine art.  This year there were a couple of spanners thrown in the works.  The first was that our favourite label’s distributor didn’t send them part of their consignment and there was none of our favourite sparkling to drink.  Well, actually, if we went to a class in the wine theatre then we could have had a sample of it.  The wonderful Sue, from our favourite label, managed to go see the guys in the wine theatre and brought us back a bottle of the sparkling – my friend and I are yet to set a date but we’ll enjoy sitting back and drinking that bottle!  Turns out that Sue was the envy of a couple of other labels as they were chatting to her when we arrived (just a few minutes after the doors were open) and we rocked up to the stall and asked for our order forms and then promptly handed over some money.  *lol*

The other spanner in the works?  Well, it wasn’t anything bad, that’s for sure.  This year we decided to go for tickets above the standard general entry and discovered the joys of the VIP room.  Can anyone say “free flowing drinks” and not just alcohol but water, juice and other things?  Pair that with incredibly comfortable seats (the Vago from Ikea – $40 and they were amazing) and also food.  Oh, the food!  We got to sit and watch all the chef theatre shows being live streamed AND we got tasting plates of the food!  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much in my life… and it’s certainly the first time we’ve eaten more than we’ve drunk at the GFWS.  The staff in the room were fabulous.

2.  I went shopping.  I bought orange things and blue things, black things and grey things.  It’s all stuff I haven’t bought in years (years and years and years) but it was heaps of fun.  Can’t wait to show you!

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Seven bottles of wine on the wall, seven bottles of wine.  Take one down, pass it around… yeah, maybe not, I don’t like to share!

I’m off to the Good Food and Wine Show today so today’s list is seven things I expect to do.

1. Visit the O’Leary Walker stand several times – I love their sparkling which is called Hurtle.  I’m sure they’re expecting me.

2. Watch Maggie Beer cook something yummy.  It’s bound to involve verjuice… it is Maggie Beer, after all.

3. Check out the food trucks.  One of them visits my local area weekly and they are seriously yummy.

4. Eat cheese, lots and lots of cheese.

5. Drink lots of wine samples.  Most of them will be good but some just won’t taste great and I’ll try and remember to skip them next year.

6. Eat chef inspired canapes – I have VIP tix this year and one of the bonuses is canapes and wine in the VIP room.

7. Laugh! This is an annual trip with my best friend and we always have a lot to laugh about.

Seven days to go.

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Ouch, that hurt. Part two.


I am a fully fledged glutton for punishment.  You’d have thought that after my experience on Tuesday that I wouldn’t go near my local Aldi again… just in case I ran into more people like the ones who upset me so much.  But I did.  Well, I had to.  You see, in an effort to keep it together for the boys and also for myself I completely forgot a couple of essential items when I was in there on Tuesday.

There’s something about Aldi nappies.  They’re awesome and they’re so incredibly cheap.  Master2 is still in nappies (so is Mr7 but he’s outgrown the Aldi ones) and I was running pretty low.  I decided I couldn’t let people upset me enough to change what I would normally do so I slapped on a smile and took the boys back there so we could get the nappies.

My husband had suggested that if I saw those “people” again I should take a photo of them in an effort to name and shame them – or at least shame them.  I had to tell him that in my sheer rage that they would speak to my child in the way they did I couldn’t describe them at all except to say one was male, one was female and that was if they were even human.  I knew one had two children with them and the other had three but that was it, and I only remember the head count because I was trying hard not to let the kids hear too much as I tore strips off their parents/carers.

So there we were, walking into Aldi yesterday afternoon.  It was a warm day and Mr7 was vocal about his relief at Aldi’s air conditioning – he let out a joyful screech and a laugh and jumped up and down a couple of times.  We had only taken about four steps in when I saw this trolley whirl around, a woman grab her bag and hiss at her children “Quickly, we have to go… NOW.” One of the children replied “Mummy, isn’t that the lady that told you off yesterday?” There was no reply that I heard as she slunk out of the store, taking care to keep her back to me so I couldn’t see her face.

I have to admit it, I called her a coward.  Okay, an f’ing coward… out loud… and I used the full f word.  It wasn’t loud enough to disturb other shoppers but I’m pretty sure she heard me.  And that’s okay, she was meant to.

See, the thing is she meant my child to hear the things she said to him and she meant to say the things she said to me but she didn’t expect to get called on it.  And she did.  There is no time or place in society for such things to be said to innocent children.  He was obviously melting down, screeching and sobbing in distress and trying to throw himself on the ground.  All she had to do was either continue to walk past me (and possibly think “Thank goodness it isn’t me”) or perhaps give the universal smile and nod of acknowledgement.  Instead she added more distress to the situation by demanding our attention and saying what she did.

So if she’s going to abandon her shopping part way through (and I checked, there wasn’t any refrigerated or frozen stuff in there or I would have alerted the staff) and slink out of the store like a whipped puppy then I’m not going to feel sorry for her.  My response obviously made an impact if just seeing me 24 hours later can cause a reaction like that.  I’m actually quite happy about it, it means that perhaps my words are having an effect on her.  I know my words were cutting… but maybe they’re cutting the poisonous part of her that thinks the way she did and clearing the abcess from her soul.  Or maybe she’s just ashamed.  I’m okay with either of those because what she did was not okay.

Ouch, that hurt.


As much as I look on the bright side of life there are times where I am totally human and get dragged down.  This afternoon was one of them.

Mr7 is in vacation care quite a bit during school holidays, he is the kind of child that needs a certain amount of routine and his vacation care is at his school which is a place he adores.  The last couple of days he’s not fared so well and I have had phone calls to come and collect him as he’s been having meltdowns all over the place.  That’s fair enough, they’re a disability service vacation care but they’re not set up for one on one like he needs in meltdown mode… and it can be so sad and scary to watch him.

Today I got the call at around 1pm so I knew it hadn’t been a good day and was going to be a difficult afternoon.  We struggled along at home for a while and then he and I had to go pick up Master2 from kindy, visit Aldi to get a few things and come home.  The kindy pickup was difficult but manageable.  And then it all went to crap.

As the parent of a child with multiple issues I am used to the fact that we’re “on display” and apparently represent “Team Disability” and should therefore not only be happily willing but also able to answer anyone’s questions no matter how inappropriate the question or their timing.  I’m not happy about it but I do my best to understand it and if it means that someone else doesn’t have to deal with it then I’ll suck it up, smile and do my best.

But the one thing that hurts beyond belief are the nasty comments.  Not just unkind or thoughtless but truly, truly nasty.  We walked a 600 metre stretch of pathway and Mr7 was trying so hard to control his emotional meltdown but he just couldn’t.  I could see him struggling with it and was doing my best to reassure him as we walked along, talking quietly to him, holding his hand (and pushing the pram with Master2 in it with the other) and it was obvious to anyone that it wasn’t a silly tantrum but a real issue.  It still didn’t stop two people from saying the most horrible things to us.

How do you cope when a complete stranger suggests that you should have killed your child when you realised he wasn’t normal, like an animal does with their babies?  Or when another complete stranger says that if it was her kid he would be spending a lot of time chained up in the doghouse until he learned to behave like a human being and not a feral animal?

As a person who is usually looking on the bright side of life and finding the positive in everyone I have to say this was one of those situation where I was completely and utterly human and that I tore shreds off them – up one side and down the other, in fact.  I’m not exactly proud of how I reacted but then I can’t understand how they’d think what they said was something to be proud of either.

I’m great at seeing silver linings in clouds and rainbows in oil slicks.  Today I looked at the cesspit of humanity and I hope that the little sparkle I saw was simply a reflection of something good from me and not just another shard of glass under the grot and mud.  Surely those people have some redeeming features?  I know that Master7 was having a crappy day and I guess they were too… because why else would they say such horrid things to a child and a parent struggling to get through the next few minutes?

Fortunately I know that a quiet night at home and a good sleep means I’ll get up to face whatever tomorrow throws at me with a smile.  Here’s hoping it’s a brighter day all round.

PS  No pic for this post.  I could have resurrected my picture of a glass of wine as that’s about to come into play but I couldn’t think of what else to use that would be appropriate.

One month to go!



Not that I’m counting or anything, right? It’s one month til one of my favourite days of the year. Yep, better than Easter, Christmas and maybe even my birthday… it’s one month until the opening day of the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show!

For the past few years this has been a day to not only try (and buy!) lots of wines and drool over amazing food but also a day to spend with my best friend as we do the things we do best – eat, drink, laugh, find bargains, drink, catch up, chat to people… and have a wine or two. We lead such busy lives and, sadly, no longer live as close as we used to but this day is something we both look forward to. We catch up and laugh and thoroughly enjoy ourselves!

This year we’re going bigger and better with VIP tickets. I’m celebrating a, ahem, significant birthday and I’m not a big “party in my honour” kind of chick. Instead we’ll have the VIP tix and a (wine) barrel load of laughs. We get to see Maggie Beer and eat canapés made by Matt Moran (or at least inspired by him… puh-leeze, birthday gods, let them involve lamb!) and drink wine with whoever is game enough to join our raucous laughter.

Oh! And we get to order our yearly case (can I be greedy and order two?) of our favourite O’Leary Walker wines. Drat, now I’ve told you all the secret of Hurtle I’d better hope they have some set aside for us…

It’s one of those days



Short and sweet today as I’m madly cleaning walls and wondering if I could throw half the contents of the house – or at least the toy boxes! – in a skip and be done with it. That’s right, it’s the night before tenants dread… we have a house inspection tomorrow.

Seriously, our property manager is lovely and we’ve been here a while and even though I know they’re only checking for maintenance issues I still have that moment of “Should I scrub the window tracks or is just cleaning the exhaust fans enough?” I did tell you all a couple of weeks ago that not a fan of cleaning… nothing has changed since then. Esmerelda the magic cleaning fairy is still missing, too. Damned fairies, so unreliable!

Oh well, think I’ll go have an early wine to get the taste of sweat and sugar soap out of my mouth. And if I was the type to place bets – which I’m not, my brother is far better at it than me! – then tomorrow I’ll be laughing at the time I put into cleaning versus how long the property manager is here!