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Where is my cleaning fairy?


It’s long been a family joke that Esmerelda the Magical Cleaning Fairy is missing in action and desperately needed.  I’m not a big fan of cleaning… in fact I’m not a fan of cleaning at all.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re not wallowing in 28 complex layers of filth here, but if I can avoid it then I will.  Unfortunately for me it is now Spring and my Facebook feed is absolutely littered with posts about spring cleaning by my dear, darling and demented friends.

Fortunately for me I don’t do guilt well… and I am the best procrastinator around. That means that if I did ever get the guilts about my lack of spring cleaning I would manage to put it off until Spring has sprung out the window and we’re heading into summer and then it’s just too hot to get stuck into it.  After all, who wants to be standing there on a 37 degree day with 98% humidity (and no air conditioning!) and decide that is the perfect day to sugar soap the walls?  Not me!

So if I’ve ignored spring cleaning and summer cleaning then it’s autumn… but the joys of living in a place where summer is hot and humid means that autumn is still fantastic weather… like summer, but you aren’t breathing through a thick wet blanket… or like summer, but you don’t start sweating the instant you turn that cool shower off.  Since we’ve just spent three months covered in sweat (or lightly shining if you’re one of those people who don’t sweat but just glow… I’m not, but I pretend!) there’s no way you want to get right into heavy duty cleaning and start sweating again.

Then it’s winter which means technically that it’s cold and wet and you can’t wash walls because they might not dry.  Never mind that here we had the mildest of winters to the point where we ate outside most nights and quite often wandered around in bare feet (on tiles!) and in singlet tops at 3am.  Can’t risk those walls not drying!

See, I just managed to talk myself out of spring cleaning for another year… yay!  Of course, if Esmerelda the Cleaning Fairy is around and wants to visit and work her magic I won’t say no.  I’ll even point out the bits I don’t get to as often – I’m helpful like that.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that either someone else is holding her ransom, I’ve sat on her and squished her completely or she’s a figment of my imagination.