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Bedroom or playground or something in between


It never fails to amuse – or, more accurately, bemuse – me.  We’re in week nine of a ten week school term which means my normally early risers are sleeping in later and later.  Master7’s bus arrives at 7.25am and so he needs to be up by 6.30am to eat his (massive) breakfast, brush his teeth, get dressed and go.  Miss8 leaves at 8.15am so she doesn’t normally get up until just before Master7 leaves.  And Master2 leaves at 8.15am on his kindy days but he gets up at the same time as Master7 – they share a room.

Normally the boys are up at 6am but I’m finding more and more often that I’m waking them up and getting sleepy grumbles from them.  You know the kind where they are practically whining “But I was asleep… you wouldn’t like it if someone woke you up from a good sleep.” Yeah, I know, I laugh… I can’t remember the last time I woke up when my body was ready instead of an alarm – either the one on my phone or one of the three small ones we have running around the house.

Silly me, I thought on Friday night “Well, they’re in sleep mode so I should get a bit of a sleep in tomorrow, yay!” Really silly me kicked back on the couch with a book and a wine (okay, several wines) far later than I would have normally in anticipation of the sleep in I’d be getting.  Yes, sucks to be me as they invoked Murphy’s Law… they were up at 5.15am instead.

On the bright side they were happily giggling and I couldn’t hear too many disastrous sounds coming from their room so I did lie in bed for another 20 minutes, but I really could have done with another two hours sleep!  Turns out that my early rising boys are also mischevious boys and I wasn’t even game to go have a shower and leave them unsupervised as they were just a great example of siblings working together but not for the greater good.

You’d think I’d learn from this and so I went to bed earlier last night and wasn’t disturbed until just before 6am.  When I finally rolled out of bed at 6.30am I discovered the giggling and squeaking noises were from them adjusting how Master7’s mattress was on his bed and turning it into a slide.  It explains the “squeak, giggle, squeak, giggle, thump!” noises I’d heard – they were giggling as they rolled or slid down it and the thump was Master7 hitting the ground, Master2 is lighter and didn’t make as much noise.  Well, not on landing but he sure out-giggled his brother!