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Today it’s four beautiful things I’ve seen in the past week or so.


1.  This is an observation hive of bees.  My husband is an apiarist (a beekeeper) and he sells raw honey at our local markets.  If the weather is good then he takes an observation hive with some of the girls along.  It fascinates everyone to see them doing what comes naturally to them – producing the honey that we love.


2.  A poppy.  Miss8 and my husband planted so many seeds up our driveway in the hope of a gorgeous display of poppies bursting forth in time for Rememberance Day.  So far this plant has produced this poppy and two more but we’re lacking in the display we were hoping for.  Still, the fragile beauty of them has been truly appreciated.


3.  Pretty, shiny shoes.  My favourite pink shoes got resoled last week but I know they’ve only got a certain amount of wear left.  I have very wide feet – and size 11 feet, at that! – so I’ve got these to gently break in, hopefully before the current pair break!


4.  Feijoa flowers.  Feijoa’s are awesome and are a real favourite fruit of mine.  Unfortunately they’re a little bit fussy and insist that they need a boy and girl (well, male and female) of each tree to get fruit.  We did get a hybrid/grafted one but it hasn’t worked so well yet… and these flowers ended up not being pollinated.  Fortunately I was just thrilled to see them.

Four days to go.

I’m not missing in action…



… but I’m just too tired to post!  It’s school holidays and that means life is busy, busy, busy here with kindy or daycare (depending on what you want to call it, Mr2 thinks it’s kindy) for the youngest and vacation care for Mr7.  I don’t drive so that means a lot of walking and pram pushing… but it also means I can indulge in an extra wine or whatever and think that I’ve worked those calories off already.  Not that I’m losing weight (hey, I’m in shape… round is a shape!) but I’m maintaining.  *lol*

I haven’t been game to work out the amount of kilometres I cover doing the drop off or pick up loop.  The last time I tried working it out was on April 10th and later that afternoon Mr2 had a pretty scary accident.  I guess I’m a bit superstitious after all since I haven’t attempted to map it out – I use Map My Run for stuff like this – but I think it was around a 7km walk from here to kindy to vacation care and then home again.  I manage to do that twice a day – unless my husband is free and can help out with a pick up of at least one child – and I get to do it twice a day.  If it’s just vacation care and back then it’s around 6km… twice a day.

Really I should be nicer to my feet and wear my sneakers instead of my favourite pink shoes.  Aren’t they cute?  They were a $15 Target bargain.  Mind you, I used to do this loop in thongs (that’s flip flops for the overseas people, not underwear!) and then got a bit smarter about it.  But obviously not that much smarter… yet.