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Peppa Pig – a love/hate relationship


Peppa Pig… if you haven’t heard of her then you don’t spend much, if any, time with the preschool set.  She is the hottest thing on two skinny pink legs and the idol of our two year old who likes to sing along with her theme song (repeatedly!) and watch episodes of it every day.  That’s right, episodes.  Not just one but several… I don’t know whether we should call him a Peppa Pig fan or Peppa Pig glutton!

Miss Pig has lots of great things going for her – she’s curious, family oriented, tries to do the right thing and loves being active outside.  But there are only so many times you can hear that high pitched “I’m Peppa Pig. This is my little brother, George. This is Mummy Pig… and this is Daddy Pig” before you want to scream.  And the merchandising bandwagon has revved its engines well and truly.  You can get Peppa Pig cakes and little cupcake or biscuit kits in Woolworths, you can get all sorts of clothing from various department stores, there are books and DVDs and toys and bedlinen and… well… everything.  Last I checked Peppa Pig wasn’t a mobile carrier but give her another month or two and I guess I’ll be swapping from Optus.

The trade off for living in a sea of pink pigs, muddy puddles, alliteration (hello there to Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Pedro Pony et al) and the constant snorting sound my son makes as he tries to oink is the five minutes of peace to actually go to the toilet by myself or chop vegetables with a very sharp knife without a helper, hang a load of laundry or even – if I let him have the iPad with a season or two of Peppa Pig on it – have a shower uninterrupted without fear of discovering his latest attempt at cooking on the carpet.  The joy on his face when he sees or hears his beloved Peppa Pig is pretty good, too… and it certainly makes it easy to buy him something for his birthday or Christmas at the moment, too!

And now I’m off to pretend I’m Mummy Pig and jump in a pretend muddly puddle while thanking my lucky stars that at least he’s not a fan of that annoying Jason Mason from Grandpa In My Pocket, otherwise known as GIMP in this house.  Noisy, squealing piggies are far, far cuter!