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Most definitely not a Vegemite sandwich



The simple joys of a two year old… ice cream with topping and sprinkles.  Each mouthful was greeted with delighted anticipation at the taste and the feel of the cool ice cream, the slippery topping and the crunchy sprinkles.  I think it was totally worth watching him get a mini brain freeze (something his older brother is well renowned for!) to see the pleasure and joy he had with the ice cream.

It’s been a gorgeous spring day and we decided to really enjoy it, the husband and I took the two year old out for lunch at one of our favourite pubs where you get a water view and can watch the flocks of pelicans waiting for feeding time.  The fish and chip shop saves all their scraps of fish heads and goodness knows what else and then every afternoon they emerge from the shop with a large white bucket and start to handfeed the pelicans.  Kids are encouraged to give it a go and any adult who sounds interested is quite often told “Grab something and try it” as well.  Such a great way of getting rid of their scraps, delighting everyone around them and having everyone grab for their cameras.  I’m sure it doesn’t hurt their business, either!

Lunch was great with the most divine ribs.  I’m not entirely sure why they gave us a steak knife (I didn’t order them last time and drooled over my husband’s plate of them, I was smarter this time and ordered them as well!) with the meals, these ribs practically shimmied off the bone as you picked them up and they just melted in your mouth.  Team them with some great chips and a salad – oops, I didn’t eat it! – and it was a fantastic meal.  We’ve been trying to get out to lunch for well over a week and we finally made it and thoroughly enjoyed it. We have so many different things on our plate on a day to day basis that it was nice to actually get to sit and enjoy the time together.

Of course, tomorrow’s Vegemite sandwich is going to look rather lame in comparison after today’s lunch.  I might have to jazz it up a little… perhaps a slice of cheese and some shredded lettuce to give it some crunch.  Yep, that’s as fancy as I get!