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Sleep is for the weak… or the wicked… or something


It certainly doesn’t seem like it’s for me at the moment and I don’t even have a newborn to blame for that.  *lol*  I have a fabulous sleeper in my 8 1/2 year old daughter, she sleeps just like I used to.  I could sleep anywhere, anytime, through anything and would have to be shaken awake at times.  If something important happened on the weekend before about 2pm then chances are I missed it as a teenager and well into my 20s… she’s just the same.  The two year old could be pretty much the same, although he’s been sick and therefore waking up calling out “Mummy, Mummy!” at all hours of the day/night/morning just as urgently as he puts in his requests for his beloved Peppa Pig.  And the seven year old… sleep is something he just can’t do. Thank goodness for medication!  And before anyone gives a sudden intake of breath and looks up the number for Department of Community Services then I should say he does have multiple medical issues that cause his sleeplessness.  Still, it doesn’t make it easier to bear when you’re averaging four to five hours of broken sleep a night, right?

It amazes me at times how patient I can be with the continual waking and disturbances.  I was never patient growing up and, as I said, I loved my sleep.  Suddenly I’m functioning fairly well on very little and the bags under my eyes are still handbag sized and not international luggage sized… that has to be a bonus!  Of course, if I was wanting to exceed a baggage limit then bags that size under my eyes would be handy.  Mind you, I’d have to actually travel somewhere for that to happen.  *lol*  Probably my best, longest, least uninterrupted sleep was about three years ago when I had a flight from Dubai to Brisbane… 16 hour flight and I think I was awake for about two and a half hours of it.  Rather an expensive way of getting sleep though!