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Attempting the impossible as a Mum… AKA why we don’t get sick.


I woke up this morning and thought “Last day of term… I’ll do the grocery shopping and then maybe take Toby out for lunch before a blitz clean and the kids come rolling home.” Then I moved and realised my plans were a bit ambitious.  My eyes were puffy, my throat felt all clogged and when I sat up it was like my nose turned on a tap.  And it wasn’t a polite little drip… drip… drip either.  Oh, no, it was on full blast.  By the time I’d thrown some clothes on and walked about eight steps from my bedroom I knew it was going to end badly and messily.  Fortunately I was right outside the toilet and I have good aim.

My next thought was I’d do breakfasts and lunchboxes and once the big two were out the door I could lie down and whimper in peace.  I forgot to take into account the fact that I have a very rambunctious three year old and me lying down is simply an invitation for him to jump on me.  A lot.  While screeching.  Loudly.

I gave it up as a bad job and we went and got the groceries – including holiday treats which have to be hidden so the eight year old doesn’t find them and polish them off in one go! – and came home to have lunch and try this resting gig again.  It didn’t happen.  Even lying on the couch with a blanket over me and ABC Kids on to entertain him didn’t help… he kept stripping the blanket off me and laughing at my reaction.  He definitely needs to work on his bedside manner!

So, the eight year old has just rolled in and they’ve both been presented with a plate of snacks (the oldest is being dropped off at dancing, she’ll be home at dinnertime) and I think I’m going to try again.  Surely the food will hold them for at least ten minutes?  Wish me luck!

PS  On the bright side, it looks like a fairly temporary thing and not the dreaded “G” that I dare not even utter… and it’s now, not next week.  Next week I have fun stuff planned that I don’t want to miss!!!

Introductions, part three




Ahhhh… she’s waited ever so patiently in the wings and now it’s time for Miss8 to take centre stage here.

The first baby is always an exciting adventure. As much as you think you know what lies ahead there are so many things that people can’t explain. That first glimpse of your newborn and the sudden rush of emotions and then the terror of what you’re meant to do without an instruction manual. Oh, and that weird feeling as the hospital staff say goodbye and you just want to grab them and say “Are you nuts? Why are you letting me take this child out of here. I know nothing, absolutely nothing and what if I screw up?”

Then you get all those precious first moments. The smiles and giggles, the first night she slept through (which is equal parts exciting and terrifying!), the first roll, the first roll off the couch and so on. Then, before you know it your teeny tiny baby (well, at 8lb 7oz she was my smallest) is toddling everywhere… then running, skipping, jumping and dancing.

Oh, how she loves to dance! She always has, she danced along to The Wiggles as soon as she could stand and her first dress up choice has always been a ballerina. Her third birthday had a ballet theme at her request and her love of dance has never deserted her. She currently does three classes a week and would do more if she could!

But she’s not just a balletomane. She’s also a chatterbox, an artist, a singer, a loving big sister, a giggler and a friend to anyone she meets. She has wild enthusiasms for all sorts of things. She is curious and kind, loving and giving. She can also be stubborn, dramatic and a perfectionist. But most of all she is the one that made me a Mum.