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Introductions, in reverse order



On her seventh birthday our daughter blew out the candles on her cake and wished for a baby brother that could talk.  Not that she expected him to emerge with a vocabulary to rival hers, just that he would be able to hold a conversation with her, unlike our second child who is non verbal.  Although we laughed wistfully at her wish we didn’t realise just how good a wish it would be… almost exactly nine months later we made her dream come true.

A curious and adventurous child, this one is our absolutely oh so typical two year old.  He can tantrum on demand and turn it off in the blink of an eye.  We constantly hear “What’s dat?” or “Mine!” but we do get a fair few “Peeeeeeeease” and “Fank oo” wedged in amongst his constant… requests.  He’s been a diehard Wiggles fan since he was born – not that he had a choice, they’re a staple in this household – and has developed a deep love for Peppa Pig.  Food is something that will always raise a smile from him, he will try pretty much anything but is a complete and utter fruitbat and can devour a punnet of strawberries quicker than you can blink.

To watch him with his siblings is lovely.  He adores his sister and stomps around the house calling her name and expecting her to appear and play with him, he’ll give a pout when reminded that she’s at school or at ballet.  His brother is his partner in crime and they are a force to be reckoned with.  His brother will open the fridge and then we’ll discover a certain two year old sitting on the floor pouring milk into a bowl.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the bowl wasn’t on the carpet and it wasn’t overflowing.  They also like to do a game I refer to as “Egg Bowling” which is pretty much as it sounds – they get a carton of eggs and roll them along the floor to hit something and smash everywhere.

Mischief, joy, charm, giggles, noise, no fear, independent, confident and just a little bit scary… this little boy stole our hearts so easily.  Having a third child five years after our last one may not have been planned but if a surprise is just something you get that you didn’t know you needed so desperately then we got the best surprise of all.