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It’s one of those days



Short and sweet today as I’m madly cleaning walls and wondering if I could throw half the contents of the house – or at least the toy boxes! – in a skip and be done with it. That’s right, it’s the night before tenants dread… we have a house inspection tomorrow.

Seriously, our property manager is lovely and we’ve been here a while and even though I know they’re only checking for maintenance issues I still have that moment of “Should I scrub the window tracks or is just cleaning the exhaust fans enough?” I did tell you all a couple of weeks ago that not a fan of cleaning… nothing has changed since then. Esmerelda the magic cleaning fairy is still missing, too. Damned fairies, so unreliable!

Oh well, think I’ll go have an early wine to get the taste of sweat and sugar soap out of my mouth. And if I was the type to place bets – which I’m not, my brother is far better at it than me! – then tomorrow I’ll be laughing at the time I put into cleaning versus how long the property manager is here!