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Eight things I did today.

1. Packed six lunchboxes for three children.

2. Stood in a line listening to mariachi music and ate a pulled pork burrito.

3. Took my favourite pink shoes to be re-soled.

4. Bought mini croissants, ham and cheese for the kids dinner tonight.

5. Considered buying a Powerball ticket for tonight – it’s a $50 million superdraw.

6. Stood in line listening to mariachi music and ate a spicy chicken burrito.  Yep, same place… they were good!

7. Opened the Translink journey planner to sort out my public transport options for tomorrow.

8. Remembered to buy more band aids – even though they’ve been on my to do list in my phone for the past few weeks I still kept forgetting them!

Eight days to go.

Image from nopokemeo.org